Michael’s Bio


Prior to graduating from the California State University system with a degree in industrial design (product design), Michael Cohen worked for two small design firms and created new products that were successfully marketed by organizations like Xerox Corp., Litton Industries, the United States Navy, Red-E-Kamp, Perma Plaque, Dell Computers, Callen Data Systems, and Aerolog Industries.

Upon graduating, Michael joined Unisys Corporation, then the second largest computer company in the world. He started as a design engineer and, at age twenty-four, managed an eighteen-person design team. After spending six years at Unisys, Michael joined JCP Distribution Inc., an international TV program distribution company as vice president of international sales. He further expanded the distribution business by creating a direct response marketing business for “special interest” videos. Michael formed a partnership with his brother Larry called JCP Video. JCP Video became one of just a few successful direct response companies specializing in video.

Four years after JCP Video was formed, Michael founded Creative Response Inc. and purchased JCP Video as one of its divisions. CRI is a marketing and distribution company that represents a variety of consumer products, including automotive accessories, hardware, sporting goods, electronics, and health and beauty products. Michael travels abroad frequently and has developed relationships with manufacturers worldwide and now services his clients with an active direct import division of CRI.

Michael resides in Southern California with his wife and two children. He has an adventurous spirit and enjoys martial arts, racing cars, traveling, and anything to do with vehicles on land, sea, or air. Michael has over twenty years experience in product design, worldwide sales, and marketing and possesses an ever-present commitment to succeed.


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