dpInk Agent-Publicist

Ms. Donna L. Quesinberry, CEO-President of dpInk: DonnaInk Publications serves as our Agent-Publisher. To schedule Blog Tour Dates, PodCasts, Radio or Television spots, etc. please feel free to contact Ms. Quesinberry at:

dpInk: DonnaInk Publications
5120 Chowan Avenue
Alexandria, VA 22312
(703) 270-9440

About dpInk: the dpInk Imprint is available to Authors | Writers | Businesspeople and their written works. dpInk provides a full service suite (free manuscript reads, analysis and evaluations regarding agented publishing; editorials where required; platform development: from ARC [Advanced Release Copies] to book launch parties and post-launch interviews; as well as other services support). Our fees are presented with payment options, including traditional agent percentages.

Through our one-on-one agent coaching and public relations processes, dpInk meets artistic and business goals in publishing client works. With the challenges involved in the publishing industry today, we understand key decision-making is daunting when determining whether to pursue legacy publishing (Traditional – Hardcover | Trades | Mass Market, etc.), POD (Print-on-Demand) or independent publishing (Independent, Self, Digital: DIY [Do It Yourself], Indie, eBook, etc.) or development of a cafeteria plan encompassing all or some of the above.

Even though the publishing industry has changed – the tradition of an Author deserving a genuine support model has not. The dpInk: DonnaInk Publications  inVirtual Work Way of Publishing Management Model® embraces seasoned traditions of publishing while aggressively coupling these with the most progressive innovations in the book industry today. All the while dpInk maintains a personal agented publishing relationship.

As we discover new publishing territories with our clients – dpInk embraces the ethos and standards the book industry was founded on.

Contact us today and publish the dpInk Way!

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