Story Behind the Story

Air Force One was decommissioned and presented on permanent loan to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, CA in 2005. The Cohen’s documentary work chronicles historic final days of the most famous aircraft in the world – Air Force One.

With cameras rolling from the moment SAM 27000 touched down for the final time at San Bernardino International Airport in California, to piece-by-piece disassembly in one of the more complex engineering projects recorded in the history of modern aviation; the Cohen’s mitigated a perilous 102 mile midnight journey by truck to the Reagan Presidential Library. Capturing the complete reconstruction of Air Force in a massive indoor pavilion, Joel and Michael reveal the rededication of this national historic treasure by President and Mrs. Bush and Former First Lady Nancy Reagan.

With stunning photography, Air Force One: The Final Mission presents rare personal insights and commentaries from former Presidents as well as former First Lady Nancy Reagan. Joel and Michael reveal this story of triumph in engineering carried out through sheer determination along with patriotism derived from hundreds of men and women committed to the preservation of history in an engaging style and format.


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