Politicians Should Reap what they Sew – Pay Cuts Should begin at the Top!

I am not really a very political person and it probably is not very smart to inject politics into my blog, but what the heck, why not?

I sit and watch the news on TV, I read some of the stuff on the web sites and, last but not least, I read some of the other blogs people put out there.  I am not going to tell you whose side I am on, meaning Democrat or Republican, because how I am feeling is irrelevant to my ideology and what I am going to suggest crosses political lines; or it should.

Here is what I think needs to be done before the next Presidential election.

We need to renegotiate our compensation package with every political office holder in the country, starting at the very top with the exception of the President of the United States.

Every Congressman, every Senator, every Governor, every Assemblyman, and every Mayor; anyone holding political office should get a reduction in pay.  They should get a reduction in their medical benefits, and we should scrutinize their fringe benefits as well.  I don’t feel they deserve to be paid any more than the one hundred and sixty million people who will be affected by the tax break that is being argued over.

Regardless of the outcome of the vote on the tax, regardless of all the politicians and their ideologies, they are making to much money.  We can find people with just as much ability that will work for a lot less.

I think the politicians are all basically good Americans and they think, what they think, is right for this country.  All I am saying is, they are all simply making too much money for the work they do.

I am telling you, I am a seventy seven year old man and I have been around long enough to know if you want to balance the budget you’ve got to start by cutting salaries first.

Every corporation in every industry has done it including the NBA, that’s where it starts. Cut salaries first, and if the people that are there now don’t want to work for less money, then we will find people that will.

Who out there feels the same way that I feel, let me know if I’m nuts or what.  You can find me on Facebook or my web site www.airforceonethefinalmission.com.  “I’m mad as hell and I don’t want to take it anymore.”


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