An introduction to FaceBook

Today I decided open a FaceBook page.  Well, let me clarify that.  About ten months ago I did open a FaceBook page with the help of a friend and it seemed easy at the beginning, but I started to find it confusing to navigate the site.

What’s easy?  You need to be a rocket scientist to do this.  So I gave up.

Everyone keeps telling me it’s easy, so I thought I would try again.  Now, remember I had a page set up and went back to it, searched my name – low and behold up came a page with my name and email address on it asking for my password.  Are they kidding?  Who could remember that far back?  I tried everything I could think of, but was not able to get in.

I finally gave up . . . again.

A few days later my granddaughter came over to my house. I thought this is my chance to beat this beast.  My granddaughter knows everything there is to know about computers,  she has a Facebook page as well.  I thought, “She will know how to fix this situation.”

Well, we tried everything.  A page came up that said if you forgot your password, press here.  We did that.  Then we were told that FaceBook would send me a password by email – we should simply put the password in the space provided – push the button to be able to reset the password.

Never happened.  Easy, huh?

In any case I thought my granddaughter’s presence was more important then messing around another hour with this.  So I quit… again.

I dreamt about the problem all night and decided to try it one more time the next day.

I brought up the FaceBook page, put in my name, my email address, and told them that I forgot my password.  It took me to another page where I had to fill in all the same information again. They said that they would send me another password by email and that when I entered it in the proper box I could reset the password to enter FaceBook.

Guess What?  I received the password by email in about fifteen minutes. Carefully, I wrote it down so as not to forget it.  I went back to the FaceBook page. I filled in all the boxes that were required.  When I got to the box that asked me for the password that had been emailed to me, I carefully filled it in.  The box came up that asked me what I would like to use as my new password and I filled that in.  I was a little nervous because you don’t see the password you just see those little dots.

It was easy.  I am now part of the FaceBook community again. I was surprised to see how many people were there that still wanted to talk to me. Now I just have to learn how to post what I have to say in that little box they give you for comments.  I guess that will be easy too.

~Joel Cohen


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