Pancreatic Cancer

Today was an unusual day for me.  My wife Joan is the treasurer for our community chapter of the City Of Hope.  It’s a great organization, which I’m sure most all of you have heard about at one time or another.  They are probably the foremost cancer research center in the country and we do what we can to help raise money on their behalf. For those of you who are not aware of where the facility is located, it is in Duarte, CA and you can learn more about it if you look it up on the Internet.

My wife and I are both cancer survivors.  Joan had colon cancer and I had pancreatic cancer.  Needless to say it was caught in time and through surgery we made it through the ordeal. Pancreatic cancer; however, is a little more dangerous and the survivor rate resulting from the surgery I underwent is just 2%.

The operation performed on me – called the “Whipple” – was performed at Cedars Sinai hospital in Los Angeles. My surgeon’s name Dr. Nicholas Nissen.  It took me a to get on my feet without help and another two years to feel somewhat normal once again.

Today, at the City Of Hope luncheon, I am cancer free and was reminded of those days that, quite honestly, I try to forget.  If this had happened to me as little as ten years ago, you would be reading the writings of a ghost.  So, I thought it might be a good idea to tell you folks about that part of my life, if you or someone you know is going through this ordeal, you should contact the City Of Hope and know there is hope.

For me, the fortune in knowing the City of Hope and in surviving pancreatic cancer, came home to roost again today – I am fortunate to be alive and well. The reality I am working with my younger son Michael, while picking up pieces of the project we were working on before I got sick, is a blessing I am thankful for today. And, with Thanksgiving right around the corner, being thankful seems timely to me.

With the help of our agent|publisher Donna L. Quesinberry, we have been able to get a second printing of our book, Air Force One: The Final Mission.  We now have our own web pages  and , we are on Facebook, Twitter, and Donna has the eBook up and available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, CreateSpace, Kindle Direct, Smashwords, as well as a host of other places.  In order to promote the book we have started to do some radio talk shows, podcasts, and speaking engagements.  Guess what?  We are starting to get responses from the promotional effort we are all putting into the project.  It is even more exciting than when we released the first edition book.

Check out the web page and you can see a video we put together.  It can also be seen on our YouTube Channel: AF1FinalMission

While I shouldn’t be here, gratefully, I am.  Thanks to modern medicine I am here – this is no ghost talking to you.



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One Response to Pancreatic Cancer

  1. J Grater says:

    And, I might add, with your hard work, both you and Michael, 27000 is not a ghost either. She is alive and well albeit standing still, in body but not in spirit with a beautiful book to tell her story


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