Air Force One Video . . .

Our agent (Donna Quesinberry of dpInk: DonnaInk Publications) phoned me today.  She said she needs some video to put on our website(s) so people who review our blog have a more intimate feeling and involvement with the initial stages of our project – Air Force One: The Final Mission.

She is absolutely right and this is exactly what I have been trying to do with the blogs entries I have been posting. What Donna asked for is a much more difficult task than it appears on the surface. It would seem really simple to develop a short book trailer from our collection of video; however, we had to find a way to make what she wants – happen.

So I went to our original master tapes.  The Air Force One: The Final Mission project resulted in over 100 hours of video-tape; we went to our editing studio of our good friend Mark Pinter.  We pulled out the first ten or so masters and we looked at each one in detail.  I think we came up with about five minutes of video that will give you some idea of what the beginning of this project was like.

The video starts with SAM27000 being pulled out from the “sheriff’s” hangar in San Bernardino, California.  The plane washed down in a spectacular fashion by the local fire department and then moved to the “Disney” hangar where the disassembly process would soon begin.

We called it the Disney hangar because the Disney Corp. had rented it to build and test a ride that they were going to ship off to their theme park in Japan.  They had installed an overhead crane that we would absolutely need to get the rear stabilizers off.  It was our good fortune to inherit that much needed tool.

This book trailer provides some idea of what it was like to remove those stabilizers, which I might add, are designed never to come off!  We have added additional video clips demonstrating the engines coming off, which were all put on trucks and transported to the Reagan Library.  Finally, we added clips of the wings being removed. The events that surrounded this were truly incredible.  I would go as far to say, frightening.

These clips are short, but hopefully will put readers in the the hangar with us.  It took time to pick out and edit these clips so continuity of our processes could be discerned.  I have learned our Agent was right, a picture is worth a thousand words.

We will continue to post additional clips the future.  We will try to give you some sense of  the feeling that we all enjoyed while on our journey to the “Final Mission.”  You will be able to see the clips on

I hope you enjoy them.


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