Joel and Michael Cohen on Dialogue: Between the Lines

Susan Wingate and Joshua Graham with Special Commentator Jill Irbach

Guess what? Michael and I have completed our first Air Force One: The Final Mission Podcast!

This is the first of many in our Blog and PodCast tour.  Our Blog Tour begins November 1, 2011 and lasts for thirty days – the PodCast Tour is ongoing throughout the holiday season.Dialogue: Between the Lines has featured us as their Inaugural Holiday Season Special Guests and we, in turn, have our Inaugural PodCast adventure. Two Inaugural events in one and all related to our book, which features a host of Inaugural greats. . .

Our book, Air force One: The Final Mission is now available on Kindle Direct, PubIt (Barnes and Noble) and Smashwords in digitized eBook format! Sorry for the shameless plug.  I don’t usually like to blog about “what’s for sale,” but I am beside myself with excitement.  You see, this is all new to Michael and I.  Our book is starting to get out there into the digital world, and slowly but surely, so am I.  Thanks to our Agent-Publisher Ms. Donna Quesinberry, CEO-President of dpInk: DonnaInk Publications, (some of you might know her) we are on this exciting new leg of the journey.

I have always been one to have the latest and greatest technology.  It kept me ahead in my businesses.  I can remember starting my international TV program distribution company and communication was then done on a Telex machine.  We were right there when the fax machine came along.  Our PC’s (I think they had 128K of memory with the upgrade) could use our IBM Selectric typewriter as a printer.  Wow, letter quality printing even with a mail merge.  Who could imagine that?  By the way, if any of you don’t actually know what a typewriter is, send me a note and I will explain; or you can just ‘Google it.’

So, for Michael and I, we have gone from the Telex machine to Twitter; from the fax machine to Facebook.  From ‘Word Perfect’ (you can Google that too) to Air Force One Websites; and now… Podcasts!

You know Michael and I have done quite a few radio, TV, and newspaper interviews since the book was first released, and we certainly do our fair share of public speaking about Air Force One, so it didn’t seem like it should be a big deal.  This was different though.  This was new technology.  This was exciting.

So, our first “official” Podcast was on a show called “Dialogue: Between the Lines” with Susan Wingate and Joshua Graham, on  Co-hosting this day was Jill Irbach.   Susan and her partner Josh created this program out of the passion of writing.  Their mission is to help new authors get published, and give exposure to new as well as published authors.

Listen to internet radio with Susan Wingate on Blog Talk Radio

Susan and Jill really did their homework.  They put us at ease, asked us questions that really made us think.  They took us back to the time we were in the process of putting this whole project together.  As a result, I believe we were able to project our true feelings.  We hate just giving facts and figures.  Although that’s important, that’s not at all what our book is about.  Through the types of question they asked we were able to answer with honest human response.  We were able to talk about the people we worked with.  How we came to know them, and how they got to know us, and accept us as part of the crew.  The men we worked with became less and less aware of the cameras and note books, and more and more aware of what we were trying to convey; the history of it all.  The history that they were part of.

What impressed us most about Susan and Jill was their passion for writing and the written word.  They are seasoned published authors in their own right, but it is pretty clear that they will not become millionaires doing this podcast show.  They are doing it because they love it.  They are curious and intelligent people.  They are genuinely interested in the people they have on the show, and they are passionate about helping new authors.  Michael and I were honored and grateful to be on their show and wish them the best of luck with the good work they are doing.  I hope they become millionaires.



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