Getting Published 101

I bet there are a lot of you folks out there that would like to write a book and have it published.  In fact, I bet there are a lot of you out there that have already written books and can’t get them published.  As you have found out getting it published, is the real trick.

Some of you have asked Michael and I how we got Air Force One: The Final Mission published.  I can tell you honestly, that it was not our initial mission to get a book published, but frankly, the journey would not have been complete without it.  I’m glad, and proud that it did happen.

It was our initial mission to produce a documentary that would appeal to a wide range of people, about a subject that we thought important enough to put up our own money, rent video cameras and equipment, hire cameramen and crew, and invest our time to shoot the journey in both video and still photography, and sell it to some cable station for broadcast.  That, after all, was my background for fifteen years, production and distribution of television product to stations around the world.

I had written a book before and it was published.  It was called “Three Dog Night & Me” which was about my time as the personal manager for the 70’s and 80’s rock sensation, “Three Dog Night”.  During that period in my life and for many years after, I managed many other successful Rock & Roll Bands including “Steppenwolf” and “Steely Dan”.  But that’s another story that I will try to talk about in the future.  That is IF YOU would like me to.

What I learned in getting these books published is that you need to convince publishers that there is an audience out there for what you are writing about.  Although I do believe that talent ultimately wills out, initially publishers are looking to sell books and make money.  Go figure, right?   So, if you can find subjects that you believe in, that have a wide range of appeal you can easily get the attention of a publisher.  Although with today’s technology, the web, and e-publishing, an author can certainly have a better chance of getting published with more niche subject matter.

I am not the world’s best speller, my grammar is less than perfect, and most of the time I do not know if I should use a period, a coma, or dangle a participle.  That is why God invented spell checkers and editors.  What both Michael and I try to make sure that what we do is express our emotion, we try to make sure that what we feel, is what winds up on the page.

In our case we realized that a book about “Air Force One” would at least interest some of the one hundred fifty thousand men and women employed by Boeing Aircraft, we knew that there were hundreds of thousands of men and women out there were interested in aviation, in American History, presidential history, etc., and we hoped there would be an interest and understanding by others, of human will, with respect to the trials and tribulations of the men and women who were involved with us on our journey to bring this airplane; this piece of history, this national treasure, to begin it’s final mission, and want to read about how it got done.

I suggest you look for subjects that have the wide appeal that I am talking about, before you start writing.  Send out a synopsis of the story to targeted publishers and see what kind of a response you get from them.  I can tell you, that’s the approach I used with both books, and in both cases it worked.  Good luck.



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