Air Force One as a Project

Another view of Air Force One

One of the paradoxes of becoming involved in a project like Air Force One: The Final Mission is learning what is least expected.

When I sit at my desk – in front of the PC – looking out the window is an austere view of Camarillo Valley and the astounding mountain range. It crosses my mind early settlers crossed the plains, traversing rivers and mountains in rickety wagons, horses pulling them all the while. The loss of family and friends due to illness or injury must have been insurmountable.

Anyone who has driven across the United States is aware of the distance. Flight doesn’t quite convey the effect of the distance; however, even a cross-country flight can be arduous if you are seated in a crowded aircraft. It is obvious our ancestors were determined and crossed this nation with a vision perhaps including us today.

This reminds me of the first day walking into the San Bernardino hanger and seeing Air Force One. What I viewed was an extremely well kept aircraft. It was so clean you could eat your breakfast out of the wheel wells. As I circled the plane I became overwhelmed by the powerful image it represented. My American pride rose to the surface and I have to admit my eyes watered somewhat.

The words UNITED STATES OF AMERICA written across the fuselage drove a deep understanding regarding the effect people in foreign countries must feel when viewing Air Force One on a tarmac. The images for United States citizens as well, are powerful especially if able to capture the President of the United States walking down the stairs. Simply amazing – we’ve come from arriving on the coasts of Eastern United States to a formidable global leader – largely due to those willing souls who traversed the terrain to ensure growth and maturation of our country.

After musing over the profundity of Air Force One as a project and ascertaining the frame of thought I was developing from; thoughts moved to how in the name of God the dismantling and reconstruction was going to take place.

And, it came to me, “Those who are determined will do it – just like the pioneers with hand-carts or wagon in crossing the plains – it would be done through perseverance and willpower.”



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